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When my ex and I parted ways years ago, something in me knew I was going to be single for quite a while. Though I actively tried dating (acquiring many priceless dating stories), nothing stuck and I knew the reason why: I needed my time alone. Many of us are looking for the romantic relationship that will last the rest of our lives. Or at least ...
Applying make up is not a very difficult task, as long as it is done following some proper steps. After all it is an important part of many people's lives so the following is some easy steps, explained in a way that anybody can understand and do. Step 1. The first thing to do is to apply a proper foundation. So how does one determine a good foundation? Simple, the foundation ...
One alarming trend that I see amongst men that are kind of fed up and frustrated with their social life or lack of one, is that they seem to fall back on the premise that it is hard to meet women. While I can understand this on a surface level, and I can also remember back on a time when I felt the same way, the truth is women are everywhere ...
It is true that pairs are made in heaven. Many romantic believers have faith that people are always made in pair, for every man there is a woman same is applicable to the women as well. So there is no single soul on the surface of the earth, who shall not find the soul mate. Majority of the people believe in living life with of their likes and dislikes, this way life becomes more joyful ...
When I was working as a professional matchmaker for an upscale company in Beverly Hills, the men were the paying clients. The women joined for free as long as they were drop dead gorgeous. The men got a certain amount of introductions promised to them in their contract, usually 1224 within one year. I was often asked the question, “What if I get into a relationship with the ...
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