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There are several PUA routines that anyone can use to help achieve successful relationships with women. Let's discuss a few of them. There's nothing supernatural or magical about these routines they're basically just stories that build you up into someone a woman wants to get to know better. Don't worry I'm not going to waste time rehashing some old, tired routines like "the cube" and "the jealous girlfriend. " I'm going to go over a few of the newer routines here. The ...
How to create an effective online dating profile. Men can be romantic too; I’ve been using dating websites for about 3 years on and off. I’ve had marginal success, met some wonderful women and kept some great friends. In that time, however, I have often been amused at how some women portray themselves on dating websites. This article comes ...
Most people know that unexplored emotional baggage carried over from a prior relationship often immediately sabotage even the best of new love interests. The problem is that most people don’t know how to leave it behind, get clear, and move forwardso we get right back into the same crappy relationship that we just got out of. 1. Embrace change Begin by embracing change. Inevitably, the good, bad, and inbetween ...
Albert Einstein once said: “Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed.” Al was so damn smart! Not only was he the king of quantum physics, he got right to the heart of one of the most troubling challenges in male/female relations. Okay…let’s break this down: Women marry ...
When my ex and I parted ways years ago, something in me knew I was going to be single for quite a while. Though I actively tried dating (acquiring many priceless dating stories), nothing stuck and I knew the reason why: I needed my time alone. Many of us are looking for the romantic relationship that will last the rest of our lives. Or at least provide us with ...
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