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I can't write beautiful, lyrical poetry, I can't put my words into perfect sentences, I can't express all that is in my heart, But somehow,
"I love you"...
Says it all.
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It is true that pairs are made in heaven. Many romantic believers have faith that people are always made in pair, for every man there is a woman same is applicable to the women as well. So there is no single soul on the surface of the earth, who shall not find the soul mate. Majority of the people believe in living life with of their ...
When I was working as a professional matchmaker for an upscale company in Beverly Hills, the men were the paying clients. The women joined for free as long as they were drop dead gorgeous. The men got a certain amount of introductions promised to them in their contract, usually 1224 within one year. I was often asked the question, “What if I get into a relationship with the first woman that you introduce me to? Will ...
Are You Married The Right Person? Do You Want To Know Is This True? Very often many womans asked themselves  a question. She said, "How do I know if I married the right person?"   Here's the answer. Relationships between people has a cycle. At the start relationships, you fell in love with your spouse. You anticipated their call, wanted their touch, talk, listen ect. Falling in love with your life parntner was not ...
... at our most vulnerable, but when we stand physically naked in front of a woman. The first reaction, in an instant such as this, is to close down, or put up some sort of barrier to protect yourself… …it may be the macho veneer, it may be the “freezeout” (a technique championed by a man by the name of Mystery ...
... do about it? I know, I have said this before, but let’s take a closer look—trust me. Let’s start with number 1: What do you want? On your paper, across from each item you have listed in your want column, write down what you have instead. For example; I WANT I HAVE An ideal partner, someone to share my life with I am single and live alone A big house with 3 kids, a dog and live near the water I live in the city, small flat w/a fish To be debtfree and ...
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